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PokerStars Now Allowing/Forcing Cash Outs

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Lunchtime twittering lead me to a story in Las Vegas Review-Journal about PokerStars allowing American poker players to request payments.

I logged into PokerStars to see if the Cash Out processes were available. As soon as I hit the Cashier button, a JavaScript message jumped up at me telling me that I had to Cash Out. I clicked OK. Then a screen displayed with 3 choices; by Wire, Direct Transfer to Bank, Check. I chose direct transfer. It said 72 hours.

I wasn’t really worried about my money…less than one hundred online… just curious to see if there was anything “new” to the cash out process. <– Not to my eyes.

The article goes on to report that Full Tilt hasn’t announced when it will allow/force the cash outs, and Absolute Poker still has not reached an agreement with the Feds.

Now is a good time to let your legislators know how you feel about not being able to play poker online….Poker Players Alliance Makes Voicing Your Opinion Easy

Poker Players Alliance Makes Voicing Your Opinion Easy

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Today I went online to the Poker Players Alliance website and used their automatic email function to send email to my local legislators to let them know that I am ticked off about not being able to play poker online.

Not only does PPA have the email ready, but, once you enter your zip code, the program figures out who your local reps are and has their email information pre-loaded. You just have to fill in your name and address.

It doesn’t get any easier. I urge you to let your reps know that you want to play poker online.

Poker Website Owners Indicted

Friday, April 15th, 2011

I was floating around Twitter tonight and came across an interesting tweet from @CardPlayerMedia  about the US Government indicting the owners of PokerStars, FullTilt, UB, Absolute Poker and seizing their domain names.

“…U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York has indicted the founders of PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and UB and seized their websites in the latest attempt to crack down on online gaming.”

Instead of the site’s usual homepage, visitors are given the message, “This domain name has been seized by the F.B.I. pursuant to an Arrest Warrant in Rem obtained by the United States Attorney’s Office.”

The article states that domain names have been seized and a notice is posted at the “site”. I checked out all the websites mentioned. UB and Absolute Poker are displaying the domain name seized message [4-15-2011 9:20pm].

Absolute Poker Website Seized


PokerStars.COM is being rerouted to Pokerstars.EU – or – they have cleverly switched out the header graphic…probably not 🙂

PokerStars domain name seized

I checked the ownership on the domain name records for Absolute Poker (located in Canada) and PokerStars (located in Isle of Man) and those have not been changed.  Full Tilt Poker and UB have hidden registrations.

Such a pity that this is what our tax dollars are going to while US citizens cannot afford healthcare and are homeless… Another embarrassing “ugly American” moment.  We need to get our priorities straight.  

Read the full article -> 

Department of Justice Indicts Owners of Major Online Poker Sites

$30 Million Freeze on Poker Websites

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

I started this morning checking in with the poker forums that I follow. Read a lot of the usual banter and complaints. Hottest topic remains the $30 Million the Feds have tied up at the poker websites. It really has the online poker players in a snit.

Came across an unbelievably funny (or sad?) CNBC segment at –> a June 15 video post by Jeff Markley <– You’ve got to watch this!

I don’t even want to print the guy’s name here, so, I’ll refer to him as R.K. R.K. is entitled to his own opinion, and I respect that he can voice that on TV. I don’t agree, but, this is America.

What struck me more than what R.K. said was CNBC’s motivation in giving him air time. Think Hugh Grant on Jay Leno, “What were you thinking?” 

  • Were they looking for comic relief? (Succeeded)
  • Was he invited by a (soon-to-be-unemployed) stooge? 
  • Was everyone else on vacation?
  • Were they trying to stir up controversy? (Failed)
  • Were they utg? (Sure seems like it)

Did anyone do their homework?
Do a search for R.K. on Google and his website comes up at the top of the results. It is pitiful. The message I get from his website is “I won’t invest in myself.”  Okay, I won’t either…Makes me wonder why CNBC did.  The information is outdated. The design dates back to early 2000’s. There is nothing that lets the reader know that he knows what is going on in the world in 2009. So why would anyone want to listen to his opinion?

  • He’s got a LinkedIn account that actually links to his website. Gulp.
  • He has a blog and the subtitle of the blog includes, “…As my son says, “And I thought it was me who didn’t get it!”” No, R. YOU don’t get it!
  • He’s got a Twitter account with one post “Signing in for the first time.”, dated February 25, 2009. Could be someone masquerading as him.
  • There’s a Facebook account with the same name, but, I can’t verify that it is him.

Maybe R.K. is well-known in circles, and maybe even well-respected, outside of the Internet. My gripe is that he doesn’t demonstrate that he has a clue about what is going on in 2009 and in particular, with online poker players in 2009.

And, I think CNBC erred here…Underestimated the intelligence of the technology-savvy poker-playing audience…Thought they could pass off a donkey – undetected.  

Anyone who is paying attention these days knows that the first thing people do is go to the Internet to learn more. Donk move  CNBC.

Watch the video and post your thoughts here.

Cardplayer Reports on Two Poker-Related Bills

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Stephen A. Murphy of just announced that today Barney Frank (D-MA)  introduced two new bills that are intended to help Americans who (want to) play poker online. Peter King (R-NY) and Shelley Berkley (D-NV) signed on as co-sponsors. Mr. Murphy notes that the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) worked closely with Mr. Frank in composing the bill.

 One bill seeks to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, while the second bill proposes to delay the UIGEA implementations, which are set to begin Dec. 1.


Frank’s bill would explicitly allow Americans to gamble online with companies that are licensed by the Treasury Department. It would not, however, legalize sports betting.


“The best thing for the poker community to do now is to rally behind Congressman Frank and his bill,” said John Pappas, the executive director of the PPA. “You need to make sure you tell your congressman or congresswoman how important this bill is to you.”

Mr. Frank thinks that the bills will not hit the floor for votes until September… so ACT NOW!!

Read the entire post –> Barney Frank Introduces Two Poker-Related Bills

Story on the Poker Players Alliance website –>Frank Unveils Internet Gambling Legislation
Note: The Poker Players Alliance website has a section that will help you figure out whom to contact. At the bottom of the story, click on the Send a Letter to Congress button and you will be taken to that section.

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