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PokaPaloma Banned from Bay 101 Shooting Star Chat

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Folks, PokaPaloma has been banned from the “chat” portion of the live stream of the Bay 101. 

PokaPaloma Banned



I’ve been racking my brain for a reason. Let me see…

  1. I have promoted the live stream on my blog
  2. I’ve promoted the live stream via multiple tweets
  3. I used the chat to post messages of Thanks and Kudos for the producers (veeRob, Kevinmath, and Matt)
  4. I also posted either Thank You’s or questions like “Is there a clock for tonight” and “Did he say 42 or 22” or answers to other people’s simple questions (that they had answered 5 times already) “Like who’s at this table?”
  5. Last week I was supportive and promoted their live stream of the LA Poker Classic via multiple tweets and my blog

Hummm.  Afraid of success maybe?

Compared to the embarrassing crap that I saw “people” – and I use that term lightly – exchanging like their racial prejudices, use of the “N” word, ridiculing overweight and “plain” looking dealers, discussing the dealers’ and female players “racks”, making fun of Maria Ho’s last name, debating just how cute Jen Harman is… and so on.

And then there were the jokers masquerading as Marc Seif, Mike Matusow,  DaveWilliams, etc.

And then there were the unappreciative SOBs who complained about a blurry image, the sound disappearing for a few minutes, a “wrong” angle at a table… and so on and so on.

And PokaPaloma gets banned?


veeRob, Kevinmath and Matt…You re-Tweeted my tweets promoting the live stream and now you ban me?



BJ Nemeth: Favorite 2009 WSOP Reporter

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

I’m very excited about the 2009 WSOP and am thrilled this year to be getting information real-time. In the past, I had to wait months for the televised version. Today, I am connected via Twitter to the poker pros I like and those that report on them and the poker events…Not that many of them are following me; most are not. (Shout out to Chris Moneymaker [@CMONEYMAKER ] and Mark Seif [@marcseif] who are!)

Funny that I used the word connected. I feel that I know them better because I have been following their tweets for several months. I’ve even written about the good, the bad and the ugly tweeters in the poker world in Following Poker Pros on Twitter. You come to know who is family-centric, party-centric, into living life to its fullest, into whining and/or beating up on themselves, etc.

In following the Poker Pros, you can’t help but come across scores of reporters who tweet about them. Lots report on busts, chip counts, and levels. Great information when you are following a tournament. One reporter that stands out from the crowd and one of my personal favorites is –> BJ Nemeth of Atlanta Georgia.

BJ Nemeth  is a photographer for the PokerRoad Photo Blog. BJ tweets about current stats AND the general events surrounding the 2009 WSOP.

I took notice of BJ the week before the 2009 WSOP began when he photo-journaled his drive from Atlanta to Las Vegas on Twitter.  Seemed like every couple of hours there would be a tweet from BJ re:  his progress. Tweets were short; photos spoke a thousand words. On Memorial Day, BJ stopped in Oklahoma City and shared photos of the memorial.  (Very appropriate – Thanks, BJ.) BJ went something like 37 hours without sleep, tweeting and photo taking along the way.

Okay, flash to this past week and 4 great days of the 2009 WSOP! BJ’s photos really give you a sense of being there. The photos are large, full-screen snapshots that give more detail than smaller images convey (See Maria Ho’s hand on Day 4).  You see your favorite poker pros up-front and personal. (Ohh, too close at times 🙂 ). BJ has captured smiles, painful grimaces, thoughtful reflections, poker radio shows, poker pros, talent-laden tables, big hands, and outright fun (see Norm Chad vs. Annie Duke in the Lemonade Challenge on Day 4.)

If you are a visual person like myself and want to be up close and personal at the 2009 WSOP, start following BJ Nemeth [@BJNemeth] on Twitter.

Sampling of BJ Nemeth’s photos:

May 30th – 2009 WSOP events captured by BJ Nemeth

May 29th – 2009 WSOP events captured by BJ Nemeth

May 28th – 2009 WSOP events captured by BJ Nemeth

What about you? Who are you following? Who’s your favorite 2009 WSOP reporter?

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