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2012 LAPC Main Event Final Table Tonight

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

2012 LA Poker Classic main event final table will be broadcast online at WPT.COM today starting at 4:30 PT. Tournament will restart at 4:00 PT and WPT will broadcast with hole cards on a 30-minute delay.

The last three nights, I’ve been watching the featured tables. Last night was crazy with talent and lots of betting, all-ins, a couple of suck-outs and bad beats. Chip counts were up and down like a roller coaster… Heck, even (an) Elvis was at the featured table last night 🙂

I’m looking forward to a great night tonight. Matt Savage is the tournament director. Tonight will start with

  1. Matt adding 20 minutes to the existing level*
  2. the button on seat 1, and,
  3. there will be no small blind

There are really strong players.

  1. Sean Jazayeri – 4,380,000
  2. David Sands – 4,010,000
  3. Noah Schwartz – 3,835,000
  4. Dan Kelly – 2,570,000
  5. Jason Somerville – 840,000
  6. Jason Burt – 835,000

* Time – Don’t know the “official” reason yet, but, I think it has to do with when they got down to 10 (actually, 9 the way it played out),  and moved to one table, the clock was still running).

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