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2012 October Nine

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Last night, the 2012 WSOP Main Event played down to 9;  the Nine players that will return October 28th to play down to one and the coveted bracelet.

Eight of the October Nine are from the USA, and one player, Koroknai,  is from Hungary.

Youngest player is 21. Oldest is 56. Average age of players is 31 yrs. old.

Largest stack is 43.9M. Smallest is 9.8M. Average stack is just about 22M.

Returning in October are:

Player Age Chip Count
Jesse Sylvia 26 43,875,000
Andras Koroknai 30 29,375,000
Greg Merson 24 28,725,000
Russell Thomas 24 24,800,000
Steven Gee 56 16,860,000
Michael Esposito 43 16,260,000
Robert Salaburu 27 15,155,000
Jacob Balsiger 21 13,115,000
Jeremy Ausmus 32 9,805,000

Sadly, neither of the women made it. There were two females, Gaelle Baumann and Elisabeth Hille, still vying for the final table when play was down to 18. Through Twitter, I saw that quite a few male and female spectators were rooting for at least one to make the final table – and Gaelle Baumann almost did. Her A 9 ran into Koroknai’s A J and neither improved. Gaelle had had a notable stack for several days.

Interestingly, both women bubbled; Elisabeth went out in 11th and just missed the final table of 10 for last night’s play, and Gaelle went out right after to bring the number of players to 9 – and the October Nine were set.

2012 WSOP Week Seven

Monday, July 16th, 2012

It was a quiet week last week as no events [that I could find] were streamed; not even the final table for the 2012 National Championship event.  I saw tweets about players being moved to and from the “featured” table during the Main Event tournament;  probably for TV, cuz’ I couldn’t find any featured tables with or without commentary being streamed.

2012 National Championship

Congrats to Ryan Eriquezzo who won the National Championship tournament. It was fun to see that he had won because a few hours earlier at the dinner break when only 4 remained, he was the short stack with 764K. The chip leader had ~ 1.95M at dinner break, and, here’s a reminder of the chip stacks when the final 8 started the 2012 National Championship final table.

2012 WSOP Main Event

The 2012 Main Event played on. They are down to 27 and will reach 9 today/tonight – and we’ll have our October Nine or whatever they decided to call them.

WSOP updates post the Final 27 for the 2012 WSOP Main Event as:

Table Seat Player Counts
410 1 Greg Merson 7,435,000
410 2 Jesse Sylvia 7,385,000
410 3 Percy Mahatan 6,750,000
410 4 Jamie Robbins 8,750,000
410 5 Wilfried Haerig 2,665,000
410 6 Cylus Watson 8,500,000
410 7 Elisabeth Hille 9,770,000
410 8 David Balkin 6,330,000
410 9 Marc Ladouceur 15,875,000
414 1 Daniel Strelitz 12,790,000
414 2 Russell Thomas 9,985,000
414 3 Jacob Balsiger 7,330,000
414 4 Jan Heitmann 6,390,000
414 5 Michael Esposito 7,045,000
414 6 Robert Buckenmayer 4,410,000
414 7 Roland Israelashvili 5,525,000
414 8 Scott Abrams 8,080,000
414 9 Nicco Maag 1,300,000
416 1 Andras Koroknai 3,125,000
416 2 Steven Gee 4,830,000
416 3 Danny Wong 6,360,000
416 4 Paul Volpe 2,650,000
416 5 Robert Salaburu 10,915,000
416 6 Jeremy Ausmus 8,300,000
416 7 Gaelle Baumann 5,530,000
416 8 Yuval Bronshtein 9,735,000
416 9 Robert Corcione 8,745,000

2012 WSOP National Championship Final Table

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

The final table for the 2012 WSOP National Championship tournament will be played out today starting at NOON Vegas time.

Final 8 players in chip order are:

Yung Hwang 1224000
Matt Keikoan 957000
Sam Stein 651000
Ryan Eriquezzo 474000
Nikolas Stone 471000
Huy Nguyen 331000
Amanda Musumeci 220000
David (ODB) Baker 281000

2012 WSOP Schedule for Week 6

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

No tournaments starting this week.

  • 2012 WSOP Main Event continues with 2 day 1s starting this week. Survivors move on to 3 day 2s, then all merge to begin day 3 play on Thursday, July 12 . Official WSOP structure sheet
  • The final table for the WSOP National Championship tournament will be played out today, Sunday July 8th Wednesday, July 11th. Final 8 players in chip order are:
    Yung Hwang 1224000
    Matt Keikoan 957000
    Sam Stein 651000
    Ryan Eriquezzo 474000
    Nikolas Stone 471000
    Huy Nguyen 331000
    Amanda Musumeci 220000
    David (ODB) Baker 281000
  • 2012 WSOP Schedule has been updated with results for all tournaments #1 – #60

2012 WSOP Main Event starts at Noon Today

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

The most prestigious no limit hold’em tournament in the world – the WSOP Main Event – starts at Noon today at the RIO All Suites Hotel in Las Vegas.

Sitting at the poker tables last week, it was evident that the Main Event was on its way. Each night I played, there were more and more players from other countries. Conversation revealed that they had flown in for the Main Event. Indeed, they were practiced players with bankrolls. Tuesday night at one table we had 3 from USA, 1 from Belgium, 1 from Norway, 1 from England and the remaining from other countries which escape me now. Thursday night at Planet Hollywood, Jamie Gold played at a $2/$5 table. He won a huge pot right off the bat – up to $700-$900 (table max was $300) in a single hand. He didn’t stay long… Last year while I was playing at the MGM, he did the same thing days before the start of the Main Event. My theory is that he comes out to practice with the masses to remind himself of how to play with the up-and-comers and wanna-be’s.

Great pic that gets the nervous anxiety of anticipation going is over at the WSOP website , first snippet in The Daily Shuffle for Saturday by Nolan Dalla.

Another great pic of the registration line over at in its All Mucked Up daily blog written by PokerNews staff.

Snapshot of article at re: 2012 WSOP Main Event Registration

Snapshot of 7/6/2012 article at re: 2012 WSOP Main Event Registration


The 2012 WSOP Main Event is Event #61. There are three Day 1s, and today is Day 1A. It is listed as a ten day tournament – although we all know there will be a huge break once they get down to nine players. This year, there will be no November Nine as the final table will take place in late October. But… let’s stay focused on the excitement of getting to those nine…

2012 WSOP Candyland for Poker Fans

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

2012 WSOP sign at the RIO  All Suites HotelWent over to the RIO All Suites Hotel today to see what tournaments were being played and who was around.  It was a blast to be there after the BIG ONE.  It was much quieter, more easy to navigate, and easy to see.

I ran into s player I had met on the plane and a women that  I know from Massachusetts (and didn’t even know that she was in Las Vegas.) BUT – the fun part was seeing all the poker pros and up-and-comers.

On that list is:

WSOP Event #58 PLO Tournament

  • Scotty Nguyen
  • Erik Lindgren
  • Mike Matasow
  • Humberto Brenes
  • David Sklansy
  • Martin Stasko
  • Blair Rodman

WSOP Event #57 $10K No Limit Hold’em 6 Handed

  • Andrew Lichtenberger
  • Jason Mercier
  • Yevgeniy Timoshenko

Photos I was able to get before my phone ran out…

Scotty Nguyen 2012 WSOP PLO Hi-Low

Scotty Nguyen 2012 WSOP PLO Hi-Low

Scotty Nguyen 2012 WSOP PLO tournament

Scotty Nguyen Event #58 PLO 7/4/2012

Martin Stasko 2012 WSOP PLO Hi-Low Split 8 or Better 7/4/2012

Martin Stasko 2012 WSOP PLO Hi-Low Split 8 or Better 7/4/2012

Esfandiari Wins the 2012 WSOP Big One Tournament

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Antonio Esfandiari’s trip fives beat Sam Trickett’s missed diamond draw.

That’s a wrap for The Big One in Las Vegas. Three other events are active now, including a $10K N0 Limit Hold’em tournament. About 5 -6 other tournaments are on deck!

Hellmuth Busted from The Big One by Trickett

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Hellmuth just jammed all in with A10s. Trickett called with AQh. Hellmuth was up on the flop that included a 10 and had 2 hearts.  Turn was Kd. On the flop Trickett had 17 outs and made a straight when Jc completed the board.

Laliberte Eliminated by Esfandiari in 5th place

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Laliberte = QQ

Esfandiari =AKo

Rainbow flop with a K. Turn. River. Kings take it.

Payouts for The Big One poker tournament

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012
  • 1st = $18,346,673
  • 2nd = $10,112,001
  • 3rd = $4,352,000 << David Einhorn
  • 4th = $2,645,333 << Phil Hellmuth
  • 5th =$1,834,666 << Guy Laliberte
  • 6th = $1,621,333 << Brian Rast
  • 7th = $1,408,000 << Bobby Baldwin
  • 8th = $1,237,333 << Richard Yong
  • 9th = $1,109,333 << Mike Sexton
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