2015 WSOP Seniors Event Day 3

June 21st, 2015 by Poka Paloma

Today is Day 3 of Event#40, the Seniors tournament. Day 3 is supposed to be Final Table day. It is listed on the Live Streaming schedule at least, but, 65 players are returning today, so, I’m guessing there will be a delay. Play starts at 2:00 PM EST. In theory, they’ll play down to the winner… We’ll see. BOLO 4 updates on Twitter.

UPDATE: 6:10 PM EST Down to 25 senior NLHE players

Talent-Loaded FT for WSOP Event#29

June 15th, 2015 by Poka Paloma

As you know, I’m strictly, straight ole No Limit Texas Hold’Em…but this final table, I cannot ignore. At 5:00 PM EST, the final table for the $10,000 No Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball will start streaming, and I’ll be watchin! Why? Cause it is loaded with poker talent. Here’s the line up of the final 6 players:

This is the kind of final table you wait for all season!

Call your legislatures! This type of final table is proof positive that poker is a game of skill and not a game of luck.


Erik Seidel’s Tweet


WSOP’s & Dan Smith’s Tweets


2015 WSOP Live Streams are linked to here.

Phil Hellmuth Makes it 14!

June 9th, 2015 by Poka Paloma

Congratulations to Phil Hellmuth who won his 14th World Series of Poker event, the $10K RAZZ Championship early this morning! Fifty years of living has made Phil Hellmuth stronger and more determined. Once again, he proved that he has it!

I didn’t watch the whole final table, but, each time I checked in, Phil was quiet and focused. Totally into the play.

The action is covered on the WSOP Updates page (make sure you select #17 in the drop down list at the top).


Suspected Cheating in 2015 WSOP Heads Up Event

June 6th, 2015 by Poka Paloma

While catching up on the 2015 WSOP stories for the week, I ran across this story on PokerNews.com, “Cheating Allegations in WSOP $10,000 Heads-Up Championship Spark Investigation“. It reports on allegations of cheating during the 2015 10K Heads Up event that completed a couple of days ago. Several players who faced the accused player in the heads-up play acknowledged that the accused exhibited “unusual” behavior throughout their match. The accused’s opponents talked with each other and shared experiences that were eerily, and oddly similar.

According to the article,

“…suspected an opponent of cheating his way to a fifth-place finish in the event and both a Prague reporter and former casino manager said the player in question has a history of marking cards that has seen him banned from casinos across the Czech Republic.”

The player suspected of cheating has been banned from casinos for cheating prior to this.  Are this year’s HU players doubly vigilant because of his past or was his behavior just that “off”, that made his opponents believe that for sure “somethin” was up?

WSOP officials have stated that an investigation is underway.

Naturally, the 2015 WSOP HU fifth-place finisher who is accused denies it all. His story, also on PokerNews.com, is here.

Isn’t the Golf model Viable for the Poker World?

My dream for the poker world is that it moves closer to the “golf” model; clean play, highly-respected players, and an organization that contributes large amounts of money to charity. Not without its own knuckleheads – but so much more respected than the poker profession.

Cheating in poker gives fodder to those who want to ban online poker and/or not have a casino built in their area. They have one more degenerate to point to in order to bolster their “those people” stereotypes and entrench their boots more firmly in their holier-than-thou stance. Let’s choose to not give them that opportunity.



WSOP16 Millionaire Maker Final Flight

June 6th, 2015 by Poka Paloma

The highly-anticipated WSOP Millionaire Maker tournament started yesterday with the first flight at 10AM. It continues today with the second and final flight which starts at 10AM PST.

Players who bagged chips from Flight A (Friday), are ineligible to enter Flight B.  They will have today (Saturday) off, and will resume play with the survivors of today’s poker play Sunday morning at 11:00 PST.

The Millionaire Maker is a No Limit Hold’em event that debuted in 2013. In 2013 and 2014, it drew the largest number of runners of all the WSOP events, over 6400 and 7900, respectively. This year’s Millionaire Maker is expected to draw a similar amount of participants. Still, it is  unlikely that it will draw over 22K entrants that this year’s COLOSSUS event drew.  We will have the final tally of entrants at end of day today.

Best of luck to all the poker players chasing a million dollar payout!


#WSOP5 COLOSSUS Final Table today

June 3rd, 2015 by Poka Paloma

So, time ran out yesterday before #WSOP5, The COLOSSUS could play down to a conclusion. Today (Wed. 6-3-2015), the final nine players will resume play at Noon PST (3:00 PM EST). I’m guessing that the final 9 will be streamed, but, there are already two events ($1500 Pot-Limit Hold’em and $1500 7-Card Stud) planned for streaming, so, not sure how it will play out. I have to believe that the Final Table of the COLOSSUS will bump one of the other events since it is the conclusion of a history-making tournament. I’ll watch and tweet. BOLO for an event #WSOP5 announcement about the streaming later today.

Glad to see that Cambridge, MA’s Aditya Prasetyo is alive and well, sitting in first place with a chip stack double the size of his closest competitor and that represents 30% of the chips in play! Yes, with these crazy ass winters, we learn patience in Massachusetts!

#WSOP5 COLOSSUS Final Nine in order of Chip Stack
Player Chip Stack City State Country
Aditya Prasetyo 39,300,000 Cambridge MA United States
Kenny Hallaert 18,575,000 Hansbeke - Belgium
Bradley Mcfarland 14,250,000 Whitehall PA United States
Paul Lentz 10,475,000 San Francisco CA United States
David Farber 8,725,000 Lake Mary FL United States
Lance Garcia 7,275,000 Houston TX United States
Garry Simms 6,850,000 Shelbyville KY United States
Anthony Blanda 4,600,000 Las Vegas NV United States
Raymond Henson 2,475,000 Houston TX United States

To learn more about the remaining 9 poker players, click their names which will bring you to WSOP’s player profiles.


Massachusetts represented in WSOP COLOSSUS final 37

June 2nd, 2015 by Poka Paloma

Day 4, today, the final day for the new-this-year COLOSSUS tournament at the 2015 WSOP, opened with 39 players. Over 22K runners started and currently down to 37.

Proud to mention that at this time a Cambridge, MA poker player has the second highest count in chips; just about 6.9 million. Aditya Prasetyo @KingsOnTilt

Massachusetts represented in top 37 of COLOSSUS event

Massachusetts represented in top 37 of COLOSSUS event (click for larger)

2015 WSOP LIVE Streaming Schedule

June 2nd, 2015 by Poka Paloma

No more live streaming for 2015. Watch the videos of events that you missed here.  Keep an eye on ESPN for coverage of the Main Event. Final Table of the Main airs in November.

2015 WSOP #2 Set Over Set? Nuh-uh…

May 30th, 2015 by Poka Paloma

The 2015 WSOP $5K Event #2 final table played last night. The best hand occurred when Greg Merson (2012 WSOP Main Event Champ) and Long Nguyen seesawed in a hand.

Starts out with pair over pair: Nguyen’s Aces over Merson’s Jacks.

Jack of Clubs ace of clubs King of Spades

Now it’s set over set.


Merson makes quad Jacks and Nguyen makes a full house.

Nguyen goes All In….


2015 WSOP Tournaments Breakdown

May 17th, 2015 by Poka Paloma

Only 10 days to go and here’s how the 2015 WSOP tournaments break down…

There are 68 tournaments on the 2015 WSOP Schedule, an increase of 3 over last year. If your specialty is playing No-Limit Hold’em, you have 37 opportunities to play for a bracelet; the same number of opportunities as in the 2014 WSOP.

The 2015 WSOP schedule features lower-priced, uber-affordable tournaments. First up is the $565 no-limit hold’em tournament called “COLOSSUS“. The COLOSSUS features a guaranteed $5,000,000 prize pool, 2 starting days with 2 flights per day. No rebuys, but re-entries are allowed (if player busts or forfeits chips from previous flight prior to bagging). If the maximum number of players register for each flight, the tournament will be the largest open-field tournament ever with over 20,000 entrants. In this post PokerListings.com does a nice job of explaining the seating capacity and reports that preregistration for the tournament was already creating a logistic challenge back in March.

Also on the uber-affordable scale is the July 4th weekend $777 Lucky 7’s no limit hold’em tournament; the last tournament before the 2015 schedule wraps up with the $10K Main Event. New to the WSOP schedule, the Lucky Sevens tournament features 1 starting day with two starting flights. Players can re-enter once, into flight A or B.

In addition to lower-priced tournaments, organizers have sought to increase “play” time by increasing starting chip stacks, extending play time for levels, adding new levels, and extending registration time (for certain tournaments with buy-ins below $10K). Check the WSOP schedule and tournament structure sheets. Here’s how starting chip stacks have increased, as reported on WSOP.com:

  • $565 buy-in: 5,000 starting chips (Colossus, new event; 10 times the buy-in, same as last year’s Monster Stack)
  • $777 buy-in: 5,000 starting chips (new buy-in level this year, treated like a $1k event) – 100 big blinds
  • $1,000 buy-in: 5,000 starting chips (increase of 66% over 2014) – 100 big blinds
  • $1,500 buy-in: 7,500 starting chips (increase of 66% over 2014) – 150 big blinds
  • $2,500 buy-in: 12,500 starting chips (increase of 66% over 2014) – 167 big blinds
  • $3,000 buy-in: 15,000 starting chips (increase of 66% over 2014) – 200 big blinds
  • $5,000 buy-in: 25,000 starting chips (increase of 66% over 2014) – 250 big blinds

Breakdown by Game

Here’s how the 68 tournaments in the 2015 WSOP breakdown by game type.


2015 WSOP Game Mix

Game # Tourneys
of this Type
No-Limit Hold’em 37 54
Limit Hold’em 7 10
Pot-Limit Omaha 7 10
Mixed Games
including 10-Game, Dealer’s Choice, Poker Players Championship, Omaha mixes, etc.
6 9
Seven Card Stud 4 6
H.O.R.S.E 3 4
Omaha Hi/Low 2 3
Razz 2 3

Breakdown by Buy In Fee

Now that you know the game mix of the 68 tournaments, let’s look at the mix by buy in.

2015 WSOP Tournaments by Buy In

2015 WSOP Tournaments by Buy In

Buy In Fee # Tourneys with
this Buy In
$1,500 24 35
$10,000 14 21
$1,000 10 15
$3,000 6 9
$5,000 5 7
$565 2 3
$2,500 2 3
$777 1 1
$1,111 1 1
$25,000 1 1
$50,000 1 1
$111,111 1 1

There are quite a few affordable options this year.

No Limit Hold’em Tournaments by Buy-In

How much is playing in the 2015 WSOP going to cost you?  Take a look at the buy in mix spread over the 37 no limit hold’em tournaments during this WSOP.

2015 WSOP NLHE tournaments by buy In

2015 WSOP NLHE tournaments by buy In

Buy In # NLHE Tourneys
w/this Buy In
% all NLHE tournaments
$1,500 12 32
$1,000 9 24
$5,000 5 14
$10,000 3 8
$565 2 5
$3,000 2 5
$777 1 3
$1,111 1 3
$2,500 1 3
$111,111 1 3

There are no strictly No Limit Hold’em tournaments in the $25K and $50K range, and one of the $565 No Limit Hold’em tournaments is open to casino employees and dealers only.

Cash for No Limit Hold'em



So, how deep is your bankroll going to take you?

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